An All-Around Humanities Bookshop 


Our specialty is fine books in philosophy, religion, history, literature, art, and classics. Here on this website you will find some of our finest offerings: beautiful, unique, hard-to-find, and antiquarian books. We are constantly purchasing collections of fine books and this website is their first showcase before uploading to any other venue.

Every one of our books is housed in an open brick & mortar shop at the corner of Wall & Houghton in the Portsmouth Neighborhood of North Portland, Oregon. They are shelved alongside many thousands more books that are never listed online. Our shop offers a curated browsing experience that is well worth the drive out to the peninsula! In addition to what is represented here, we have strong sections of literature, poetry, children's books, and cook books. A real fan favorite is the brimming shelves of $3 mass-market paperbacks!

Us Peninsula folk are particularly proud of our river crossing. The St Johns Bridge is Portland's greatest architectural monument. Like its gothic arches, we aim in every book we carry and every book we read to be rooted in earth and pointed beyond.