Arches Bookhouse

Rooted in earth, pointed beyond

Who We Are

Arches Bookhouse is Adam, Jessica, and Sparky.

Arches is all of you, friends, neighbors, and fellow bibliophiles who make this a living, breathing oikonomia. 

Arches is the books. Records of other times, revenants of other places, and imaginations of other worlds. 

Arches Bookstore Logo

Adam McInturf is the proprietor. Mentored by an old-school bookman, Adam cut his teeth in the theological book world working for Jon Stock at Windows Booksellers for 16 years before taking over ownwership of the Portland shop in 2022.

Jim "Sparky" Strickler is a bona fide "Original '88" bookselling veteran. If you received a book shipped with care, you can thank Sparky.

Jessica retired from the professional wakeboarding circuit in 2022 to work as a book cataloger and weekend bookseller. We're thankful to haver her on the team! 

What We Are

We are first and foremost a brick and mortar, browsable bookshop in the hearth of Portland's northern peninsula. We have a cozy building stocked with fresh fiction and poetry, sci-fi, fantasy, children's, and cookbooks alongside classics, philosophy, history, theology, and more. We seek to be a useful presence to our neighbors, providing a great browsing experience and filling special orders for new and hard-to-find books. 

We also have a niche competency that is reflected on this website: scholarly humanities books. We specialize rare and hard-to-find books in religion, philosophy, and all of the other ologies.  

Where We Are


Arches sits between the Willamette and Columbia Rivers.