Sell Us Your Books

We buy quality used books. Please call and make an appointment if you are looking to sell a large number of books. We do make regular house calls throughout the Pacific Northwest to purchase quality collections of books of any size. If you are looking to sell a library or downsize a collection, please contact us.  Pictures are especially helpful in this process.

We regularly handle collections numbering in the thousands and happily travel throughout the West Coast purchasing books. We also have extensive experience coordinating shipping for multi-pallet loads of books. We will be happy to discuss logistics for good libraries, whatever the situation. 

Antiquarian books are also a special interest of ours. If have a special, rare, or vintage item you are interested in selling, please send us an email with pictures of what you are offering. 

Donations are welcome, both to the store and to our free shelf outside. Please do leave (and take!) good books on the free shelf. Please do not unload boxes and bags of grubby and moldering harlequins on our doorstep. Thanks for your partnership in keeping this neighborhood service going!

Stacks of fine books being purchased by Arches Bookhouse