"Almighty Love, &c": The First Arches Catalog

Humbly offered here are a few of our favorite acquisitions from the three months of our short existence. Some things we are particularly excited by include the first appearance of Shelley's "Ozymandias," an early American song book, a First American E. P. Thompson, and the dust jacket from Bertrand Russell's History of Western Philosophy, printed on a wartime map of Düsseldorf.


We have been profoundly encouraged by the support from our friends and neighbors since opening for in-store browsing in mid-August. Since then, we have been busy building this website and cataloging our large backlog of scholarly titles. This catalog, finally, represents the third leg of our bookselling stool: notable, rare, and antiquarian books. In addition to paying some rent with big-ticket items, these catalogs aim to feature some more fun and accessible books that will reflect the character of our shop. We hope you enjoy the browse.